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LGBT Mediation

All couples have unique situations, however, there are unique challenges in resolving problems in gay and lesbian marriages.


Military Mediation

Military families face unique marital problems. Family life dynamics, managing finances, obtaining residency, prolonged deployments, and much more!


Long Distance Mediation

Thanks to modern technology, couples are now able to experience mediation even if one member isn’t willing to meet face to face.

Welcome to A Fair Way San Diego Divorce Mediation Center


A Fair Way Mediation San Diego has been helping San Diego couples through divorce issues for more than 25 years.  Avoiding large legal fees and complex courtroom procedures via mediation.  If you are considering a divorce, legal separation, have child custody or property disputes, A Fair Way Mediation San Diego offers a relaxed, informal atmosphere allowing fast and workable settlements.

We have considerable experience mediating disputes in traditional marriages, same sex marriages, domestic partnerships, and alternative relationships throughout San Diego County.

A Fair Way Mediation San Diego is NOT an advocate for either party.  A Fair Way Mediation San Diego does NOT make the decisions but helps guide the process.  We listen and help each of the parties stay focused. 

Our goal is for you to reach a reasonable and fair resolution with your spouse or partner, one that is much more cost effective than litigation, and which meets your needs, and that of your family.

Mediation is a voluntary process, however, and both Parties must be willing to try mediation.  We offer a free 30 minute consultation with both Parties together to help our clients decide if they would like to try mediation.

With A Fair Way Mediation San Diego, you will receive the best mediation service that San Diego mediation has to offer.  A Fair Way Mediation San Diego has helped 100s of couples settle their divorces in cost effective and mutual satisfying ways. An average litigated divorce in San Diego is around $20,000 and can even exceed $100,000 or more.  With A Fair Way Mediation San Diego it is rare to exceed $5,000.

The principal mediator at A Fair Way Mediation San Diego is Rich Gordon, B.A., M.A., J.D., Mr. Gordon is a highly trained mediator.  In addition to mediating divorces, he has served as San Diego mediator, arbitrator, he has helped numerous people throughout San Diego and beyond to settle their differences through mediation.

With our San Diego divorce mediation services, we can help you with any issues that should come up from property division, medical insurance, children visitation, spousal support, education costs, and much more.  When you're looking for a qualified San Diego divorce mediator, please look no further than A Fair Way San Diego mediation.  With over 25 years' experience, we have become one of San Diego's leading divorce mediation service provider.

Anyone who is willing to make a good faith effort to mediate their dispute can and should mediate.  Even if the communication between the Parties is very difficult or non-existent, mediation may still be appropriate.  We use ground rules and create a safe environment so our clients can work through difficult issues and reach agreements.

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