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LGBT Separation, Dissolution and Divorce


gay-usa-pagesSince we have been actively mediating divorces and “non-traditional” relationship break-ups for nearly two decades, we have seen society evolve to embrace alternative lifestyles and gay marriage become more and more prevalent and in some states same-sex marriage is now legal.

What haven’t really changed are the issues which are basically the same in heterosexual and same sex marriages. Money, infidelity, health issues, “irreconcilable differences”— all play a part in the breakdown of a relationship.

All couples have unique situations. However, there are still a unique set of challenges in resolving problems in gay and lesbian marriages. Same sex couples have issues not faced by traditional relationships. We know how to handle the obstacles that may occur during the course of same sex legal separations, termination of domestic partnerships and divorces.

A Fair Way Mediation Center can assist with your families problems involving child & pet custody, child & spousal support,  financial entanglements, property disputes, and taxes without prejudice or question.

Mediation saves time, money and discretely keeps you out of court.



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