Mediation of your Marital Dissolution or Domestic Partnership (FLAT FEE)

We have found that a moderately complicated dissolution requires four 2-hour mediation sessions. Therefore, we put together a flat fee package based on this discovery. This package will include eight hours of our time, which may include up to four two hour mediation sessions, all the document preparation (including the initial Petition, the final Judgment packet and your Marital Settlement Agreement). In addition, we will manage your case from start-to-finish. As long as you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement you will not have to step foot in court or discuss your issues with combative attorneys, everything will occur in the safe environment of the mediation room.

$3995-no minor children 
$4240-minor children​

Mediation of your Marital Dissolution or Domestic Partnership (HOURLY RATE)

Same description as above, as far as what is included. The only difference is you pay the hourly rate of $300 for reach hour spent in mediation. The fee will be required at the conclusion of each session. The document preparation fee will be required prior to any documents being drafted. (The flat fee is a better deal if you go beyond two 2-hour sessions – if you will only need one or two sessions, the hourly rate is a better deal).

$350/hour + doc prep fee
(see below)​

Initial Petition (or response) for Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership

We will complete the initial documents to file for dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership or file a response if your spouse has already filed. We will then file the documents with the court and serve the other party by mail.


Default Judgment Packet

As above, we will provide you with the Judgment Packet and review it with you. We will assist with any procedural questions you may have and we will then prepare, copy and file the documents on your behalf. This package does not include the Marital Settlement Agreement. It will only be used in limited circumstances.

$600-no children
$850-minor children

Initial & Final Document Preparation for Marital Dissolution or Domestic Partnership

If you and your spouse are in agreement on everything and just need your court documents prepared and prefer for someone else to handle the management of your case, this plan is for you. We will give you a checklist of issues to discuss with your spouse and then we will draft your court documents and your final Marital Settlement Agreement. We will handle all your court filing and manage your case from start-to-finish to ensure you get it right the first time.

$2500-no minor children
$3000-minor children

Summary Dissolution

If you’ve been married for 5 years or less, have no children, no real property, and your community property, separate property and debts are within the required amount then you may be eligible for a summary dissolution. We will review the requirements with you to make sure you qualify before completing the summary dissolution.


Modification of Parenting Plan (Post divorce 1 party)

We will prepare your Request for Order and Supporting Declaration. You will appear In Pro Per (self-represented), but we will use our experience to guide you through the process. If we feel your case is too complicated and requires the assistance of an attorney we will supply you with a referral to an attorney.


Modification of Parenting Plan (Post divorce both parties)

Both parents will come in for a mediation session to revise and update your parenting plan. Once you have both agreed to the modifications, we will draft your new parenting plan and any other necessary court documents and file with the court.


Family Court Services (FCS) Coaching Session

Preparing yourself for Family Court Services (FCS) Mediation can be a daunting task and understanding what goes on is the first step towards preparation. We will walk you through the process and provide you with a full strategy tailored specifically to your situation. We will also provide information on how to have an effective mediation session. One hour is all that is needed.



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