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Spousal & Child Support

spousal-support-san-diegoAlthough some divorces are very simple, most divorces are entrenched in many complex issues that need to be worked out as part of the divorce decree. With an experienced and qualified divorce mediator, you will have the guidance and support you need to successfully get through your divorce.

Factors that the courts consider when determining spousal support typically include the following:

  • The standard of living that the dependent spouse was accustomed to during the marriage
  • Reimbursement of support that the dependent spouse provided the wage-earning spouse during medical school, business school or another educational program
  • The educational level of the dependent spouse
  • The health of the dependent spouse
  • The ages of husband and wife

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1.  Will either party be required to make payment to the other for spousal support? If so, in what amount and for how long will they have to pay spousal support?

2. Will either party be required to make child support payments?
    a. Will these payments be reduced when the obligation to/for the support of one or more of the children terminates?
    b. What terminates child support payments?
    c. What happens to child support payments if some one dies, a child is emancipated or a child reaches the age of majority?

3.  Will the spousal support for the other party or child support payments for the children increase or decrease in the future due to the changed financial circumstances of either of the parties, economic decisions or other factors?

4.  Who shall claim the child(ren) as exemptions on their tax returns?

5.  What happens to spousal support if the recipient remarries?

6.  What happens to spousal support if the recipient cohabitates?

7.  When computing the amount of child support or spousal support, do bonuses count?

8.  What happens to child support or spousal support if one party loses their job is fired or laid off?