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Rich Gordon - A Fair Way Mediation

Mr. Gordon is a highly trained mediator. In addition to mediating divorces, he has served as a mediator, arbitrator, consensus builder, trainer and consultant to individuals, corporations, foundations and public organizations. He has helped numerous people and organizations throughout San Diego to settle their difference through mediation.

Mr. Gordon is a member of the Association of Conflict Resolution and the National Institute for Dispute Resolution. He is also on the panels of several associations.

Mr. Gordon’s San Diego clients welcome his ability to establish an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. He encourages creative problem solving, assists in making issues clear and intervenes when emotions hinder the process.

Richard Gordon, B.A., M.A., & J.D., also handles a wide variety of other issues through mediation, including alternative dispute resolutions such as personal injury claims, real estate matters, commercial disputes as well as gay and lesbian divorces.

When you first hear professional mediator Richard Gordon talk about divorce, you may think you’ve enrolled in a self-help seminar at the Learning Annex. However, Gordon knows what he is talking about when it comes to the legality and brutality of divorce settlements. After all, he has been in the legal profession for over a quarter of a century. Gordon says, “A standard California divorce today cost about $20,000. In mediation, you can save almost $18,000 of that! That’s why I say “everyone is a winner in mediation, especially the kids. In this way couples control their own fate rather than allowing the court to rule on the family’s destiny.” Would you believe there is an attorney who takes more interest in his clients than money and even has a humanitarian approach to divorce mediation? It is difficult to conceive that is possible in the legal field, but Gordon says that’s why he calls his business A Fair Way Mediation. “In this office there is no retainer. Parties split the fee to avoid the appearance of prejudice.” Gordon insists, “When you pay for something, even a good divorce becomes far more valuable to you in the long term.” There are many times clients are even referred to therapists, because not everyone who comes to A Fair Way Mediation wants or needs a divorce. “My objective.” Gordon states adamantly, “is to engender an much emotional peace as possible for the couple. It makes the process easier for everyone concerned, including me, in the long run.”

There are many unusual stories around the mediation process Richard Gordon is able to relate, like the shortest marriage he has mediated. “It was ten days of marital unrest. And yes, it ended over the proverbial toilet seat! The longest marriage was forty-two years long. It died because, ‘It just wasn’t fun anymore’ the wife said”.  Whatever the situation when it comes to grand marital finales, Richard Gordon believes, “People would rather give it away in mediation rather than have it ripped away with a court order. That’s why A Fair Way Mediation is a far more humane process.”

Richard Gordon, B.A., M.A., & J.D., also handles alternative dispute resolutions such as personal injury claims, real estate matters, commercial disputes as well as gay and lesbian divorces.