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Military Divorce Mediation


military-divorce-mediation-san-diegoThe issues faced by military couples considering divorce are unique due to the circumstances surrounding the relationship – including lengthy absences; difficult and incomplete long-distance communications; the stress of potential death or injury to the spouse in service of their country. There are added tensions for the spouse staying home with full-time responsibility for the children and household. Mediation can be a way to avoid the additional stress and expense for military families who have reached the end of their marriage.









At A Fair Way Mediation, we provide military members who reside in California a expiditious way to navigate California's Family Courts and seemingly endless laws.  Our mediators have a deep personal understanding of the impact of the circumstances that service families face.  Rich has the flexibility and expertise to assist in handing civil and family issues in the most expeditious and uncomplicated way possible... in a way that respects and supports the special nature of circumstances that enlisted service men and women, their spouses and families face.  A Fair Way Mediation mediators can assist you to settle most civil and family legal matters out of court…saving you time, money and the stress of navigating the legal system. 

Here are some of the advantages of mediation with special consideration for military members:  

  • Fast: Couples Mediation at A Fair Way can assist you to settle a case in weeks instead of the years a court case can often take.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Mediation is probably the most effective way to settle disputes, divorce or custody conflicts and/or legal matters--in fact, nearly 90% of clients who have worked with personnel have avoided the time, cost and hastle of protracted, messy and costly court litigation.
  • Economical: Mediation is less expensive and not only in financial terms, but also in time, emotions and energy.
  • Confidential: Mediation communications are protected, private and do not become part of any public record.
  • Emotionally Neutral:  The mediation process is conducted in a way that is fair, unbiased and non-adversarial, think of family mediation as a straightforward conversation as opposed to a pitched battle.
  • Settlements that Matter:  As the result of reaching a mutual agreement during mediation, parties to the action are much more inclined to buy in to and follow through on agreements.
  • You Make the Final Decision:  Family mediation affords the opportunity for YOU to accept or reject any final agreement or settlement, not a third party, not a judge, not a jury.


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