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Long Distance Mediation


long-distance-divorce-mediationDivorce isn’t solely emotional separation – it’s often also physical separation.  One partner moves for their career, or to be nearer their family, or to make a fresh start.  When couples aren’t able or willing to meet face-to-face, it was once an impediment to effective mediation.  Thanks to modern technology, however, this is no longer the case – today divorce mediation can be facilitated through telephone, email, Skype, or any other method of video conferencing.

Long-distance mediation can be as effective and powerful as face-to-face mediation.  A Fair Way Mediation knows that there are a few simple factors to making long-distance mediation work:

  • Maintaining Neutrality.  There should never be any solo sessions; all mediation activities should involve both partners.
  • Clear Technology.  The connection, whether over the phone or the Internet, must be crystal-clear and reliable.
  • A Fair Schedule: The key is to start with the dates that must be locked-out due to individual schedules, so no one is ever prevented from participating.

If you’re experiencing a divorce and circumstances have made it a long-distance process, A Fair Way Mediation Center has experience working with long-distance mediation.

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