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Education Costs

education-costs1. Will either party be obligated to pay for the post high school education expenses of the children after the divorce?
    a. What  education expenses?
    b. How long will education expenses have to be paid?

2. If expenses are financed by education loans, who will be responsible to pay back the  money from the loan?

3. If one of the parties is obligated to make child support payments beyond the child’s 18th year, will there by an reduction of those child support payments while the child is attending college?

4. After the divorce, who gets to decide which school a child shall attend?

5. What happens if a child’s grades fall below a “B” average?

Normally the obligation to provide Child Support ends upon the child's 18th birthday. College is something a child does not have a "right" to. However, if the parents decide, the Marital Settlement Agreement can contain a provision as to how post high school expenses will be divided by the parties to the divorce. It gives the child a "third party beneficiary" right by contract that they do not have by law. This means a child could sue the parents to put them in college if the Divorce Judgment says so.