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Divorce Day Kicks Off Biggest Month for Divorce!

Divorce Day or D-Day, as the shortened version is appropriately called, is the Monday of the first full working week after the holidays. Couples who have put aside their differences over the holidays get serious about their split. The entire month of January is referred to as Divorce Month because there are more divorce filings than any other month of the year. After all, it is the time for New Year Resolutions!

One Last Try

You can imagine why this phenomena occurs when it does. Good people that we are, we put aside our differences over the holidays for the good will and feelings of our families, especially our children. It’s about having that last meaningful holiday together before you make the final split. Some even hope it may be a time to turn things around again, but more than often that isn’t the case. Though it is mainly a happy time, holiday stress can put an edge on everyone’s tempers. Well-meaning relatives who are not unbiased about your situation may not be the best to provide advice.

Mediation is the Way

Whether you want to get a divorce or to reevaluate your current divorce situation, mediation is an exceptional way to make the best New Year Resolutions for you and your family. Start the New Year by setting up a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. At this meeting, the mediator will listen to your needs and expectations, discuss your options, and provide not only help, but support. Mediation is the reasonable way to divorce.

  • The divorce mediator acts a neutral third party that respectively guides couples through the separation process addressing one issue at a time such as alimony, asset and debt division, child custody and support, divorce or legal separation.

  • Mediation is non-adversarial. It allows couples to focus on what is really important to them without confrontation or defensiveness. It provides the ability to concentrate on the right solution for all involved.

  • If needed, a mediator can help you decide to wait, try to work things out or go ahead with the divorce.

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